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Sigma Tau Delta is an internationally recognized honors society for students of English, and the University of Toronto Scarborough Department of English is home to the Alpha Upsilon Eta Chapter. Its aim is to serve society by fostering literacy. It does so through local and society-wide activities, the latter of which includes writing and publication opportunities, scholarships and awards, and the annual Sigma Tau Delta convention. Members of Sigma Tau Delta are eligible to publish both their creative and scholarly work in the two journals published by Sigma Tau Delta each year. 

Memberships are lifetime and available to both undergraduate and graduate students; members have access to scholarships, writing awards and opportunities, internships, the annual convention, and career advancement opportunities.

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Contact Professor Maria Assif (, head of the UTSC chapter, for more information, including how to become a member.


Sigma Tau Delta holds its annual international convention every spring with submissions accepted from September to October.

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WORDY by Nature: Sigma Tau Delta's official blog

Written by Deltans, for Deltans, WORDY by Nature spotlights noteworthy activities and accomplishments by chapters and individual members, provides advice and insights from Sigma Tau Delta leadership, and offers each region an opportunity to showcase the unique literary landscape of their corner of the world.

Information on WORDY can be found here:

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Nadia Adam

Nadia Adam (Book Review) Birdie: Opening the Path to Reconciliation

"Birdie is the debut novel by Indigenous rights activist, and Canadian law professor, Dr. Tracey Lindberg. The novel features a Cree-Métis woman, Bernice Meetoos—or Birdie—who runs off to fulfill her teenage wish of meeting the Aboriginal character Jessie—a cast member of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) long-running television show The Beachcombers..."


Gabriella Bablanian

Gabriella Bablanian Are Video Games Literature?

"Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of research on the subject on the narratives of video games, and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with my fellow literature-lovers. The study of video game narratives, in my humble opinion, seems to be grossly under-examined in the field of critical, literary thought..."