SELF (Students of English Literature and Film)

Students of English Literature and Film (SELF) at UTSC is a student-run organization that works in close partnership with the English faculty to build a community of English Literature and Film students by providing student services, organizing academic and social events, and bringing student feedback and issues to the UTSC Administration. Through our events, we also promote professional, scholarly, and research excellence among our fellow students.  Our full members have complete access to these events and all the services that our organization provides. We always have opportunities open for involvement throughout the year, so find your SELF and join us! Events are open to English and non-English majors alike!

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Executive Team Photoshoot | 2018-2019

Nicholas Marcelli – President (LOA)

Nicholas Marcelli is a fourth-year student specializing in English and minoring in Literature and Film Studies. This is his second year working with SELF and is extremely excited to be taking on the role of President. In this position, Nicholas hopes to create new opportunities and expand existing ones that promote literature and film within the English department and the UTSC community. In his spare time, Nicholas can be found reading, writing, drinking coffee, or in the SELF Office (HW 335). Feel free to stop by if you have questions, concerns or just want to say hello!


Grayson Chong – Vice-President of Academics

Grayson Chong is a fourth-year student pursuing a major in English and a double minor in French and Creative Writing. This is her second year with SELF. This year, she is thrilled to be taking on the role of Vice-President Academics and to be working with such an amazing group of people. She and has presented and published her poems, short stories, and academic papers in various anthologies, journals, literary magazines, and conference. She hopes to spread an interest and love for writing within the UTSC community one essay and poem at a time. You can find Grayson dancing to soca in HW or carrying more books than her arms can hold in the library.


Ryanne Kap - Vice President of Operations

Ryanne Kap is a third-year student pursuing a specialist degree in English and a minor in creative writing. She is thrilled to serve as a chair of SELF and can’t wait to help create and promote more opportunities for students to showcase their creativity and passion for literature and film. When not rewatching The Office or doodling in her lecture notes, Ryanne enjoys writing short stories and novels and hopes to one day be a professional at making things up and putting them on paper.


Angie Mendis - Events Coordinator

Angie Mendis is a second-year student majoring in English with a double minor in Sociology and Psychology. She is also a part of the co-op program for English. A fun fact about Angie is that she loves travelling and has visited over 30 countries!


Noor Gatih - Graphics Coordinator

Noor Gatih is a fourth-year student working on an English Specialist. This is her first year working with SELF, and she is overjoyed to be photographing events as well as being the graphic designer for SELF-initiatives and activities. She is delighted to be working with this year's SELF’s team and is especially looking forward to contributing to the Emerging Voices magazine. She hopes to encourage more students to partake in showcasing their creative work and engage in literature and film conversations. In her spare time, she is watching Bojack Horseman, practicing photography, on the GObus, or creating graphics on Adobe Illustrator.


Sarah Hilton - Co-Executive Creative Editor

Sarah Hilton is currently in her third year at the University of Toronto Scarborough pursuing a Specialist in English. This year, she is working with SELF as one of the Co-Creative Editors and aims to expand the creative writing community on campus with initiatives like the Creative Writing Mentorship Program, and SELF’s Writing Circle. She hopes to pursue a career in creative writing and/or academia.


Eva Wisstig - Co-Executive Creative Editor

Eva Wissting is a fourth year student specializing in English and minoring in Creative Writing. She is excited to be joining SELF as Co-Executive Creative Editor and looks forward to working together with the SELF team with activities on all forms of literature and writing in the UTSC community. In her free time she likes hanging out in libraries or binge-watching crime fiction or baking shows. She is involved in collaborative short fiction writing and also writes her own poetry as well as longer prose projects.