Guide to English Courses

Chalkboard saying "what you will learn and when"

Courses at UTSC are offered at the A, B, C, and D Levels:

level descriptions


And there are eight fundamental areas that you will develop at each level of your English program:

learning outcomes


You will engage with each of the eight core learning outcome categories at every stage of your program. While you don’t have to move strictly sequentially through A, B, C, and D levels, the expectations for the depth and intensity of your engagement will increase as you progress.

Below are some examples of the ways the eight outcomes might be expressed through different course levels. Note that each course level description presumes a cumulative effect, meaning we expect the skills and knowledges of the A-level to be practiced also at the B-, C-, and D-levels.

outcomes writing

outcomes reading

outcomes research

communication outcomes

disciplinary outcomes

contextual outcomes

awareness outcomes

questioning outcomes