Minor in Creative Writing

     "We tell ourselves stories in order to live." 

                     - Joan Didion 

Does your love of literature go beyond scholarship? Are you looking to branch out from your chosen field and learn how to write creatively? Are you an aspiring author who wants to add a practical, hands-on component to your university education? If any of the above describe you, we invite you to explore the Creative Writing program at the University of Toronto Scarborough. 

UTSC is the only campus at U of T where you can earn a Minor in Creative Writing. Our dedicated faculty are also award-winning writers who take a workshop-based, experiential approach to the study and practice of the literary arts. This means that while you learn how classic and contemporary authors pursue their craft, you also take the exciting first steps towards building your own writing practice. 

Whether you love poetry, fiction, memoir, personal essays, literary journalism, screenplays, graphic novels, comics or some wild new combination of genres, the Creative Writing program offers you the freedom to discover your unique literary voice. Beyond the classroom, you can attend regular reading events, weekly meetings of C.O.W. (the UTSC creative writing club), enter contests and get published in the UTSC arts journal Scarborough Fair. 

There is no better place to immerse yourself in the literary arts than Toronto, the heart of Canada's publishing industry. Join UTSC's growing community of creative writers, and learn how to make your own literary mark on the world.

Requirements for the Minor in Creative Writing  

Students must complete 4.0 credits as follows.  

1. 1.5 credits: 

ENGB03H3 Critical Thinking about Narrative 

ENGB04H3 Critical Thinking about Poetry 

[ENGB60H3 Creative Writing: Poetry I or ENGB61H3 Creative Writing: Fiction I]

2. 2.5 credits to be selected from:  

ENGB60H3 Creative Writing: Poetry I (if not already counted as a required course) 

ENGB61H3 Creative Writing: Fiction I (if not already counted as a required course) 

ENGB63H3 Creative Non-Fiction I 

ENGC04H3 Creative Writing: Screenwriting 

ENGC05H3 Creative Writing: Poetry and New Media 

ENGC06H3 Creative Writing: Writing for Comics 

ENGC08H3 Special Topics in Creative Writing I 

ENGC86H3 Creative Writing: Poetry II 

ENGC87H3 Creative Writing: Fiction II 

ENGC88H3 Creative Non-Fiction II 

ENGD22H3 Special Topics in Creative Writing II 

ENGD26Y3 Independent Studies in Creative Writing: Poetry 

ENGD27Y3 Independent Studies in Creative Writing: Prose 

ENGD28Y3 Independent Studies in Creative Writing: Special Topics 

ENGD95H3 Creative Writing as a Profession


Note: A maximum of 1.0 credit in creative writing courses may be taken at another campus. 

For more details on program requirements, visit the UTSC Calendar. Questions about the program should be directed to Professor Daniel Tysdal (dtysdal@utsc.utoronto.ca). 

Interested in learning more about how our courses are structured and how you might develop your own path through your Minor in Creative Writing? Visit our Routes and Threads page