Programs and Courses

Prof. Daniel Tysdal standing with his students in the classroom

As an English student at UTSC, you will be part of a close-knit community: all students acquire a common experience through a series of foundational courses that focus primarily on enhancing your skills.

Another distinctive feature of UTSC English is the integration of writing, both creative and critical, into our curriculum: by beginning with our introductory-level course in critical writing (ENGA02) you will receive excellent preparation for the more advanced writing in upper-level courses, and we encourage you to make use of our close relationship with CTL Writing Support throughout your degree.

In upper-level courses, you will work closely with faculty in areas of their own research. These courses range broadly throughout time (from the first anonymous ballad-singers to the hip-hop music of today) and across space (leading out from Canada to Great Britain, the United States, Africa, Asia, Australia, and other geographical areas as well). Our course offerings also include our Creative Writing and Film Studies courses.

Through courses in literature, film, and writing, English at UTSC involves making connections across genres, time periods, and areas of the world: you will be encouraged to make these connections within individual English courses and through related courses in other fields. The knowledge you acquire will enhance your individual growth and provide an excellent background for professions in research, teaching, business, the arts, the law, or any career that you choose.

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We also encourage you to explore our options for English Co-op programs, the Double Degree with Psychology, and a Combined Degree with OISE's Master of Teaching.