2018 Teaching Awards

Congratulations to Sonja Nikkila and Amy Coté, who each won a 2018 UTSC Teaching Award!

Graduation Success Story

Congratulations to Marylin Kwan, a UTSC employee in human resources, who has been working toward her degree in English for a decade.

Teaching Video Games Student Research Team

Dr. Sonja Nikkila is considering the feasibility of proposing a course on video games as narrative and literary experiences, and she is looking for a team of students to explore the problems and practical concerns of such an endeavor, as well as help develop a set of learning goals for such a course. Deadline to apply is Nov 30.

Kara Gatson & Andrew Westoll

Faculty Spotlight

The English Department welcomes two new faculty members: Kara Gaston and Andrew Westoll.

The Best Essay Prize

Congratulations to our students at the English Department who won 2013 Department awards!