Co-op Program in English

Students watch a demonstration of a historical hand printing press

The Co-op program is unique to the UTSC campus at the University of Toronto. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to combine their studies in English with practical job experience.

Students enrolled in either the Specialist or Major Program in English are eligible for inclusion in the Co-op Program as outlined in the Humanities and Social Sciences Co-operative section of the UTSC Calendar. Co-op students follow the Specialist or Major Program requirements, and complete 2 Co-op work terms, each being 4 months in length, in addition to their academic requirements. Students in the Major (Co-op) Program must complete a second Major in order to meet program requirements.

Work Terms 

The work terms are an integral part of the co-op curriculum. To be eligible for their first work term, students must be in good standing in their chosen program (with a minimum 2.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average) and have completed at least 9.0 full credits, including ENGA01H3 and ENGA02H3 as well as all COPD01H3 and COPD03H3 Arts & Science Co-op Work Preparation activities. To be eligible for their second work term, students must have received a satisfactory evaluation of their performance and work term report for their first placement. 

For questions about the co-op program, please contact the UTSC Co-op Office ( or the Program Supervisor for English, Professor Karina Vernon ( 

For information on fees, work terms, and studying in the program, please see the Co-operative Programs section of the UTSC Calendar.