ENGC38: Novel Genres

ENGC38: Novel Genres

ENGC38 with Dr. Anne Milne

Course Name: Novel Genres: Fiction, Journalism, News, and Autobiography, 1640-1750

Course Description: The novel as a literary genre isn’t a given: it was invented and cobbled together from a myriad of disparate literary and popular forms. If you are intrigued by this, hop on and take a ride with us into what is probably the grooviest of all historical literary periods: The Restoration and early eighteenth century. We’ve got revolution, great fires, syphilis, smallpox, plagues, parties, story-telling sultans, cuckolds, and old-skool rappers, all rockin’ to the beat of Grand Master George Friedrich. Can you Handel it? Authors and texts to be studied include Milton, Bunyan, Pepys, Dryden, Defoe, Behn, Wycherley, Haywood, Pope, Swift, Montagu, Arabian Nights, Hogarth, and much more…(though not really too much more: it won’t wear you out or anything…).

Course Features: Class walks (mostly indoors), writing for the web, 3D printing, and performance (Restoration comedy, anyone?)

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