ENGC03: Haunted Canada

ENGC03: Haunted Canada - skull

ENGC03: Topics in Canadian Fiction


Course Name: Haunted Canada

Instructor: Prof. Marlene Goldman

Course Description: This course traces the gothic motifs of haunting, ghosts, and possession through close readings of a range of contemporary Canadian fiction. In this course, we will explore how these motifs are aligned with three seminal experiences that define the nation-state: a) the clash between Canada’s indigenous population and the settler-invaders; b) the losses instigated by the impact of immigration, diasporas, and globalization; and c) the ongoing association between the uncanny, homosexuality and the female body. In New World literature, the association between the female body and the uncanny becomes even more significant due to fact that the female body often symbolizes the “virgin” land both feared and desired by the imperial and colonial invaders.

Delivery: ENGC03 will be delivered online.


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