ENGC05: Poetry, Experimentation, Activism

ENGC05: Poetry, Experimentation, Activism


Course Name: Poetry, Experimentation, Activism

Instructor: Prof. Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

It's 2021 and the world is undergoing rapid change. During the chaos of a worldwide pandemic, social and economic upheaval, global climate change, and shifting political realities, does poetry matter? In these days of "truthiness" and "fake news" misinformation, denialism, anti-intellectualism and antivaxxers, closed borders, open carry, leaking pipelines, the draining of aquifers, billionaires in space, viruses, variants, and going viral, why would anyone want to write poetry?


What does it mean to be a poet/when anyone and everyone/can self-publish, blog, release videos & call it “poetry”? What is poetry? Do traditional forms of poetry still hold meaning or have they lost relevance?




What is "traditional" poetry anyway?


Whose traditions?


In this Creative Writing course, we'll QUESTion, experiment, de/construct, and re/define as we ask ourselves: If poets reach deep within, can we envision and re/create new forms of poetry & if we do, can we re/create our world(s) with our words?

If you’re a poet who loves writing, reading, and talking poetry, have the talent and courage to experiment, can envision what the world could be, and are committed to taking action to create positive change, join Prof. Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm in ENGC05: Poetry, Experimentation, and Activism. Re/discover the work of poets such as Haunani-Kay Trask, Rita Wong, John Trudell, and El Jones, read poetry in journals and mags like ditchpoetry.com, get inspired by forms such as code poetry, e-poetry, holopoetry, digital visual poetry, sound poetry, spoken word poetry, epic poetry, dream songs, chants, and 3D poetry.

Prepare to work hard, play hard, and write poetry that just might change the world.


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Image credits: Code is Poetry, by ZhangXector; Eric Aguilar Poetry Reading, by Pauline Balba; game, game, game and again game, by Jason Nelson