ENGD71: Studies in Arab North American Literature

ENGD71: Studies in Arab North American Literature


Course Name: Studies in Arab North American Literature

Instructor: Prof. Maria Assif

Course Description: This is a seminar course that examines writings by Arab Canadian and Arab American authors, with a focus on the concept of "home" in selected Arab North American works of fiction. In this context, our critical and reflective conversations approach “home” as individual/collective places, feelings, spaces, practices, states of being, creations, constructions, and/or reconstructions. Ultimately, our course aims at highlighting the heterogeneity and the plurality of Arab diasporic experiences and identities as well as their intersecting and shared historical and cultural continuities. No knowledge of the Arabic language, culture and history is needed.

Featured Texts:

Mona Awad, 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl (2016)


Rawi Hage, De Niro’s Game (2006)


Laila Lalami, The Moor’s Account (2014)


Zeyn Joukhadar, The Map of Salt and Stars (2018)


Delivery: ENGD71 will be delivered synchronously (live) online.


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