ENGD98: Capstone Seminar & Senior Essay

ENGD98: Capstone Seminar & Senior Essay


ENGD98 (Y course)


Course Name: Senior Essay & Capstone Seminar

Instructor: Convened by Prof. Marlene Goldman, with individual faculty advisors

Course Description: This intensive, year-long course will give you the opportunity to reflect on your learning as an undergraduate in English, while developing your own major independent scholarly project. Drawing on workshops and peer review, bi-monthly seminar meetings will introduce students to advanced research methodologies and will provide an important framework for students as they develop, refine, and present their individual senior essays. This course is strongly recommended if you're thinking about graduate studies in English!

Course Features: As one of our smallest and most intimate courses, D98 focuses on collaborative workshopping and peer support, all while you get to explore a topic entirely of your choosing. It also gives you the chance to work one-on-one with a faculty advisor who shares your research interests, and craft a professional presentation of your work at an end-of-year colloquium.

Course Delivery: This course will be delivered online, with both synchronous and asynchronous components. In addition to workshops and peer review, students will have the opportunity to work individually with the instructor and with a faculty supervisor in their chosen research area.

If you're interested in ENGD98, contact Prof. Goldman to talk about possible projects and enrolment procedures.


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