ENGB52: Literature & Science

ENGB52: Literature & Science



Course Name: Literature & Science

Instructor: Prof. Andrew Westoll

Course Description: In this interactive course, we will explore many of the fertile intersections between literature and science in the West since the dawn of the 17th century. From the birth of empiricism and the rise of the novel, to the concept of the Mad Scientist and his Monster, to the impact of evolutionary theory on plot and metaphor, to the advent of the nuclear age and its impact on fiction writers, we will learn how literature and science, full of epiphanies on their own, become even more illuminating when they correspond and collide.

Course Features: In this course, you will:

- Interpret how major developments in the history of science correspond with major developments in the literary arts

- Analyze how a specific writer incorporates and interrogates the scientific enterprise


- Compare and contrast the literary features of excellent science writing


- Provide substantive editorial feedback to your peers


- Participate in discussions based on the assigned texts


Featured Texts:

Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels


Mary Shelley, Frankenstein


Dan Falk, The Science of Shakespeare


H.G. Wells, The Time Machine


Delivery: ENGB52 will be delivered synchronously (live) online.


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