William A. Gough

Vice-Principal Academic & Dean

Jessica Fields

Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs, Equity, & Success

Rene Harrison

Vice-Dean Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Katherine R. Larson

Vice-Dean Teaching, Learning & Undergraduate Programs (ON LEAVE)

Karen McCrindle

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Acting Vice-Dean Teaching, Learning & Undergraduate Programs and Associate Dean Teaching & Learning

Suzanne Sicchia

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Acting Vice-Dean Teaching, Learning & Undergraduate Programs (ON LEAVE)

David Zweig

Vice-Dean Recruitment, Enrolment & Student Success

Michael Souza

Acting Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs & Curriculum

Lynn Tucker

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Associate Dean Experiential & Global Learning

Shelby Verboven

Registrar & Assistant Dean Strategic Enrolment Management

Kimberley Tull

Director, Community & Learning Partnerships and Access Pathways

April Franco

Associate Professor & Chair
Special Advisor on Management

Kathy Liddle

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Special Advisor on Access

Juvénal Ndayiragije

Associate Professor
Special Advisor on Black Faculty Success

Victoria Owen

Special Advisor on Information Accessibility

Nick Cheng

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
VP Dean's Designate Academic Integrity

Lisa Harvey

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Accounting
VP Dean's Designate Academic Integrity

Mark Schmuckler

VP Dean's Designate Academic Integrity

Anya Tafliovich

VP Dean's Designate Academic Integrity

Maryam Ali

Manager of Operations & Project Management

Gisela Alves Bento

Campus Graduate & Postdoctoral Administrator

Lee Bazely

Programs & Curriculum Coordinator

Sarah Chaudhry (she/her)

Programs & Curriculum Coordinator (ON LEAVE)

Deanna D'Souza

Toronto Initiative Diversity & Excellence (TIDE) Administrator and Centre Coordinator, Centre for Global Disability Studies (CGDS)

Junyi Dai

Senior Financial Officer

Heaven Del Mundo

Campus Graduate & Postdoctoral Coordinator

Arnold Doobay

Academic Integrity Assistant

Eileen Egan-Lee

Faculty Development Administrator

Shelley Eisner

Manager Undergraduate, Graduate & Post-Doctoral Initiatives

Atiya Hamid

Experiential Learning Academic Liaison & Support Coordinator

Martha Harris

Academic Programs Officer

Manaal Hussain

Manager Lifelong Learning Initiatives
Location: AAAA431

Anushay Irfan Khan

Experiential Learning Operations Lead (ON LEAVE)

Sayilaja Kalaimohan

Academic Partnerships Coordinator

Pamela (Pam) Kinsey

Combined Degree Coordinator

Ainsley Lawson

Undergraduate Program Administrator

Rhonda Martin

Executive Assistant to the VP Dean

Sheryl Nauth

Academic Integrity Assistant

Nisha Panchal

Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Officer

Suma Philip

Executive Assistant to the Vice-Deans

Karuna Ratnarajah

Academic Partnerships Coordinator (ON LEAVE)

Roxanne Reid (she/her)

Project & Administrative Coordinator, Undergraduate Initiatives & Awards

Farihah Shah

Experiential Learning Operations Lead

Susan Shi

Manager Academic Finance

Andrew Situ

Access Project Assistant

Fefe Wong

Manager Academic HR & Faculty Affairs