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Academic Integrity News

Visit this page soon for more news on the latest trends and questions around Academic Integrity! 

Resources for Faculty or Staff 

Generative Artificial Intelligence:

Vice-Provost Susan McCahan gives a talk on Generative Artificial Intelligence including ChatGPT

Generative AI Explainer Resource by Vice-Provost Susan McCahan

For the University’s latest guidelines on generative AI and examples of appropriate syllabus language around the use of generative AI in assignments that you might wish to include in course syllabi, visit

Offering clear direction to students on the permissibility or prohibition in the use of generative AI tools will prevent misunderstandings and avoid the need for students and instructors to navigate through the academic integrity process. 

For more information on best practices in course design and for assistance in designing assessments that are less susceptible to the use of generative AI tools, please consult with the Centre for Teaching & Learning at U of T Scarborough or consult the resource material from the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation online:

Additional Resources for Academic Integrity Matters: 

To support a student in crisis during hours of operation, please call the Health & Wellness Centre at 416.287.7065. For after-hours support, please call UTSC’s Campus Safety emergency line at 416.978.2222.

Resources for Students

For additional Academic Integrity support, there are links below to informational resources, campus services, and modules that can help you in your academic journey. If you need more help, don’t forget that the Academic Integrity team is here for you – reach out to us at

Academic Integrity Informational Resources:

Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters or visit the Code in Brief page

Academic Integrity Modules – provides students with strategies and resources to promote academic integrity in their course work 

U of T Academic Integrity – an overview of Academic Integrity at the entire university, including the process and smart strategies

Academic Supports:

Academic Advising and Career Centre

The Writing Support Centre – considering reviewing their How Not to Plagiarize resource

English Language Development Centre

UTSC Student Digital Resource Commons – navigate online and in-person learning as well as access a range of student support resources

AccessAbility Services – supports students with accessibility needs or accommodation support

Advising Supports:

International Student Centre:

AccessAbility Services: 

Downtown Legal Services provides free legal advice to University of Toronto students:

Peer Support:

Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU):

To contact the SCSU Academics team, email

Health and Wellness Support:

University of Toronto Mental Health Resource Hub: 

U of T Telus Health Student Support (formally MySSP):

UTSC Health and Wellness Centre:

Downloadable Resources

Visit this page soon for downloadable resources, including tip sheets, social media posts and past presentations!

Academic Integrity Workshop Requests

Use the form to request the Academic Integrity Office visit your class, department meeting or campus group to talk more about Academic Integrity! 

Form will be available soon!