Academic Handbook

A cover image for the Academic Handbook, featuring a person lecturing to a group of students in a UTSC classroom.

The Academic Handbook is a resource for faculty and staff at U of T Scarborough, available here in PDF format. It provides essential information about University academic policies and practices pertaining to U of T Scarborough, and guidance on scenarios that faculty, sessionals and course instructors, librarians, teaching assistants, and staff may encounter.

Relevant University policies are referenced in each section; a full collection of policies is available on the Governing Council website. Many of the policies in the Handbook relate specifically to faculty members’ roles and responsibilities with regard to students and their work. Faculty and staff members with questions about academic matters have several options for finding additional support:

  • Your departmental office is an excellent first point of contact; the relevant Undergraduate Department Administrator is a particularly valuable resource there.
  • If supporting graduate students, note that the School of Graduate Studies may develop additional regulations and guidelines; contact your Graduate Administrator for additional assistance.
  • Guidance regarding academic policy and practice can also be sought from the Academic Programs Officer, in the Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean.

Questions, comments, and other feedback about the Academic Handbook can be directed by e-mail to the U of T Scarborough Programs & Curriculum team.