Office of Vice-Principal Academic & Dean

The Vice-Principal Academic & Dean (VP Dean) is the senior academic officer at University of Toronto Scarborough, consulting with members of the campus on academic direction and policy, and is responsible to the Vice-President & Principal for all academic, and administrative, decisions within his/her jurisdiction and authority. Through the office, leadership in academic programming and services are provided, ensuring that the campus provides a positive, and academically excellent, environment that is responsive to change. The VP Dean represents the policies and points of view of U of T Scarborough, and makes independent judgments on University matters. Within U of T Scarborough, the VP Dean promotes the teaching, research, and scholarship of the faculty, the career development of the administrative staff, and the over-all well-being of students.



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Professor Eliot Leffler

Great Explorations

Eliot Leffler kicks off this season's line-up with an indepth look at the Oberammergau Passion Play.
UTSC campus farm garlic planting

Campus Teaching Farm

5-acres devoted to developing teaching and community engagement
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