Forms & Guidelines

This page is a repository for resources related to Programs & Curriculum at U of T Scarborough. Please visit our page on Curriculum Change for more detailed information on curricular change, including timelines, processes, and different categories of proposals.

Please contact the Programs & Curriculum team ( for any questions about the forms and guidelines below, or for information on any modification requests that are not represented here.

Calls for Curriculum

The annual calls for curriculum include upcoming deadlines for curriculum change, instructions on how to submit proposals, and updates on governance related to pedagogy at U of T Scarborough:

Policy & Guidelines

Proposals for curricular change should take the following policy, guidelines, and advice into account to ensure an expeditious path through the governance process.

  • Degree Level Expectations (DLEs): Governed by the Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs (VPAP), DLEs define the expectations appropriate for a given degree (undergraduate and graduate) in terms of subject-specific and generic knowledge and skills that students of the degree programs are expected to achieve upon graduation.
  • Degree Requirements & Regulations Regarding Courses: Policies, program requirements, and associated regulations are published annually in the UTSC Calendar.
  • Mode of Delivery Guidelines (2023): The default mode of delivery for all U of T Scarborough courses is “in person,” and any changes to the existing mode of delivery of a course must be approved through governance. See also the VPAP webpage on governance processes for Mode of Delivery changes here.
  • Resource Implications for Minor Modifications to Curriculum: Academic units must account for what resources are needed to support any proposed curricular change(s), and how these resources will be provided.

Forms & Templates

All minor modifications and out-of-cycle new courses are submitted directly via Curriculum Manager (CM). The following templates relating to modifications to courses are provided for departmental and faculty planning purposes only:

All major modifications, including program creation or restructuring, are submitted to the Academic Programs Officer via MS Word document using the following forms:

For significant changes such as these, please reach out to the Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs & Curriculum as early as possible to discuss proposals before submission. Note that new program development, in particular, involves many stages and takes at least 3 years to complete.