Béatrice Lego

Beatrice Lego in corn field
Campus Farm Coordinator

As the Campus Farm Coordinator, Béatrice Lego is responsible for providing support and advice to faculty and units regarding the use of the Campus Farm for teaching, research, and community engagement purposes. She assists with the content and the production of the experiential learning that the Campus Farm offers. In addition, her role provides administrative support to operate and manage the farm.

Béatrice Lego brings years of experience in ­project management and coordination, facility operation, and urban agriculture to this role. She has been involved in the Campus Farm project since the beginning in 2018. Previously she was the lab manager at the department of Bioengineering at McGill University where she set-up five research labs. She has worked with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada as a research scientist and from which she holds two declarations of invention. She holds a PhD in Polymer and Surface Chemistry from the Université de Montréal, and completed a double-certificate in permaculture design and advanced social systems design from Permaculture Women’s Guild.