First Year Applicants

Housing Guarantee for new first year students

You belong here! 

Housing is guaranteed* for all new full-time students entering their first year of university in an undergraduate program for the first time, provided that they have indicated their interest in residence by completing the StarRez Portal Residence Guarantee application by March 31, and receive and accept an offer of admission by June 3.

All residence applications and deposits are submitted on the StarRez Portal.


Important dates and deadlines at-a-glance:

March 31: Housing Guarantee application deadline
June 3: Deadline to accept offer of admission to UTSC
June 7-10: UTSC residence offers emailed
June 20 by 4:00PM Toronto time: Deposit deadline to confirm your space for Fall & Winter residence


Application steps

  1. Enable your JOINid.
    This provides access to the application through the StarRez Portal. Have your U of T applicant number and JOINid ready and visit
  2. Submit your Residence Guarantee application on the StarRez Portal by March 31.
    Log in to the StarRez Portal and complete the Residence Guarantee application to confirm your interest in residence. Note: Receiving a University offer is not a prerequisite to complete this step by March 31. All UTSC applicants who have an interest in living in residence should complete this step.
  3. Accept your UTSC residence offer, pay deposit, and select your mandatory meal plan on the StarRez Portal between June 7 - 20.
    Eligible students who accept a University offer of admission by June 3 will be notified of their UTSC residence offer on StarRez Portal by email between June 7-10. When you receive a residence offer, follow the instructions to complete the application, sign the online Residence Agreement, and submit deposit by the deadline stated in the residence offer.

Please note:

  • All First year residence agreements are for both the Fall & Winter sessions from September to April. It is not possible to apply to receive an offer for a guaranteed space in residence for only the Fall or only the Winter session. Only applicants who receive a late offer from the wait list may be offered a space for Winter only.
  • All First year students, regardless of which building type they are placed in, have a mandatory meal plan. First Year students have meals at the Harmony Commons dining hall.
  • International students who do not receive a study permit by August 1 are strongly encouraged to cancel by that date to receive a full refund of their deposit. They may request to add their application to the wait list at that time. Please note that there is no guarantee to receive an offer of residence at a later date from the wait list. Cancelling your guaranteed space in residence is final. Your guarantee cannot be deferred to a subsequent session or academic year. Please email to decline your Fall & Winter guarantee offer and request to be placed on the wait list for an offer for the Winter session only.


Application steps, by date

Date Application step
Before March 31 Enable your JOINid.
March 31 by 11:59pm Deadline to submit Residence Guarantee application on StarRez Portal
June 3 Deadline to accept offer of admission to maintain your Residence Guarantee
June 7-10 Residence offers will be emailed to First Year students with the Residence Guarantee
June 20 by 4:00pm EST Deadline to submit acceptance deposit and select meal plan on the StarRez Portal
June 25 - July 12 Window to participate in optional roommate/housemate selection and change preferences
Mid-August Room assignments communicated
Friday, August 30 Residence move in day (by appointment)


First Year Wait List - Opens April 1

Residence is in very high demand. It is important to meet all deadlines in order to maintain your Residence Guarantee.

First Year students who do not meet criteria for or lose their Residence Guarantee due to previous post-secondary experience or missing a deadline may submit an application for consideration. Your application will be submitted directly to the wait list. You must monitor the StarRez Portal and your email on file with the University frequently to check the status of your residence application.

Due to a high demand for residence, each year, wait list offers will only be sent after offers have been sent to students with the residence guarantee. 

You can stay on the wait list for as long as you would like. We continue to offer spaces as they become available throughout the summer and academic year. If you choose to remain active on the wait list, it is important to respond to emails requesting you to confirm your continued interest in the wait list. If you want to remove yourself from the wait list, you can do so within the application in the StarRez Portal. You will be considered active on the wait list until you cancel your application, notify our office that you are no longer interested in being considered for residence, or fail to respond to email requests to confirm your continued interest in the wait list.

If you receive an offer from the wait list, you will be required to submit a $1500 deposit to accept the offer. If you move in after September 16, your fees will be prorated to the week you move in.

To apply, login to the StarRez Portal and click "Apply to Residence'  If you are an Upper Year student, contact us to access the Upper Year application.