Graduate Applicants

Two students studying in a bedroom

Graduate Student Residence

Graduate students can enjoy the convenience of living on campus in fully furnished townhouses shared with other graduate level students*.

Please note that graduate housing at UTSC is for individual students only. Family Housing is not currently available. 



  • Graduate housing takes place in 4-person townhouses
  • Each student is assigned a private bedroom. The kitchen, one washroom, and living areas are shared between 4 students. Housemate requests are accepted.
  • Residence contracts are for Fall & Winter sessions (8 months September to April)
    • Applicants requesting 4 months (Fall Only or Winter Only) may apply. Preference is given to 8 month contracts.
    • Summer Residence (May to August): 4 months - See our Summer residence page for details
  • Same Gender and Mixed Gender housing is available
  • All units are fully furnished and include full kitchens. Optional meal plans are available through Food Partnerships.
  • Wireless internet and utilities are included
  • 24/7 support available from Residence Life Staff

*Although we strive to place graduate students together, note that to meet the high demand for housing on campus, upper year undergraduate or exchange students could be placed in graduate townhouses when a vacancy occurs.


Fall & Winter 2024-2025 Application Process

Applications are available March 1 at 10:00am:

To apply for Graduate housing, you must email with your name, student number, and identify yourself as a graduate student to ensure you have access to the correct application before logging into the StarRez Portal.

Apply early!  Limited spaces are available. 

Offers will be made until all Graduate spaces are full. Students who are initially placed in a wait list status should continue to monitor their email closely.

How to apply:

  • After ensuring you have access to the correct application, login to the StarRez Portal
  • Select "Upper Year" 
  • Submit the "UTSC - Fall & Winter 2024-25" application 


Important dates

Application live on the StarRez Portal March 1 at 10:00am 
First round of offers emailed  Week of April 1-5
Deadline to accept offer (deposit deadline) June 20 by 4:00pm
Next round of offers sent Rolling offers after late April until spaces are filled

*Subject to change based on availability. It is important to monitor your email for a possible offer even outside this tentative timeline.


2024-2025 Fees (September to April 8 month contract)

  • Standard single bedroom - Townhouse: $11,417 Subject to change - Pending Governance approval
  • Deposit: A $1,000 deposit, payable through the StarRez Portal, is required upon receiving a residence offer. The deposit is credited towards your fees.


Staying in residence for subsequent sessions

Students must reapply for each new residence session. 

  • Fall & Winter: Students must apply through the "Upper Year/Returner" process in the StarRez Portal. Applications open in early March each year. Within this application, students can indicate whether they are applying for Fall & Winter, Fall Only, or Winter Only.
  • Summer: Students must apply through the "Summer" process in the StarRez Portal. Applications open in late February or early March each year. 

Transition weeks

There is a transition week between the Winter to Summer and Summer to Fall sessions. Residences are fully vacated and prepared for the next session's residents during this time.

Students confirmed for the subsequent residence session are expected to move out of residence at the end of their current contract and move in again for the next session into a new room. Room assignments change between the Summer and Fall & Winter sessions to accommodate changing levels of occupancy. It is not possible to remain in the same room. If you plan to apply to stay in residence for subsequent sessions, you should be prepared to move between Winter and Summer (April to May) and Summer to Fall (August to September). Students staying for Fall & Winter residence will remain in the same space for the 8 months.

Staying for the transition period: Students without alternate housing during the transition weeks can apply through the StarRez Portal to remain in residence for an additional cost. Transition period residents will be provided with 24-48 hours' notice of their move over time and instructions, so they must be available to move when needed if they register to stay for that week.