Upper Year Applicants

Upper Year Students are:

  • Students who are applying after having completed at least one session at University of Toronto
  • Undergraduate returners to residence
  • Exchange students*
  • Pearson Scholar students in upper year studies


Upper Year undergraduate housing

Upper Year housing takes place in the Joan Foley Hall apartment building and townhouses. Spaces are shared with other Upper Year undergraduate students in units of four to six students.


How to Apply:

  • If you have not lived in Residence at UTSC, you must first email residence.utsc@utoronto.ca with your name and student number to ensure you have access to the correct application
  • Login to the StarRez Portal
  • Select "Upper Year" 
  • Submit the "UTSC - Fall & Winter 2023-24" application

*Exchange students

Exchange students were emailed instructions in May for submitting an application when you have access to the StarRez Portal. Please contact our office if you did not receive your email.


Fall & Winter 2023-2024 Application Process

Upper Year housing is not guaranteed. A limited number of spaces are available. Upper Year students are eligible to apply for the Fall & Winter sessions (September to April), Fall Only (September to December), or Winter Only (January to April) for students who are on co-op or study abroad terms, however, preference will be given to Fall and Winter session (8 month) applicants. 

Application rounds: In 2023-24, offers will be sent in rounds. The first round of applications will occur in March/April per the deadlines outlined below.  Applicants who do not receive a first round offer will be added to the Wait List and will be considered in subsequent rounds of offers. The second round of offers will likely not occur until after the First Year Residence Guarantee deadline in June. Please continue to monitor this website and your email for updates as availability and timing of subsequent rounds of offers are subject to change.

Important dates

Application live on the StarRez Portal March 9* at 10:00am 
Application deadline to be considered in first round offers March 30 at 4:00pm
First round of offers emailed  April 6
Deadline to accept offer (deposit deadline) April 20
Second round of offers sent July**

*Please note that the application live date has been revised to March 9 at 10:00am

**Subject to change based on availability. It is important to monitor your email for a possible offer even outside this tentative timeline.


Winter 2024 Session residence - Apply now!

Applications are still being accepted for students looking for housing for the Winter 2024 session from January to April. To apply, login to the StarRez Portal and click on the "Upper Year/Returner" tab. If you have never lived in residence, contact us to access the Upper Year application.

Upper Year application details

Fall & Winter 2023-2024: Open March 9, 2023 on the StarRez Portal

  • Preference is given to students applying for the full Fall & Winter (September to April) academic year
  • Student may apply for Fall Only (September to December) and Winter Only (January to April) if they are on a study abroad exchange or co-op term

Summer 2023: Open February 15, 2023 on the StarRez Portal. See the Summer residence page.

The following factors and criteria will be used to assess applications:

1. Application date: It is advantageous to apply early

2. Enrollment:

  • Undergraduate student who as completed at least one academic session at U of T
  •  New or returning Graduate student

3. Academic standing: Minimum 1.6 cumulative grade point average (CGPA). Preference given to 2.0+ CGPA

4. Course requirement: Registered as a full-time student taking at least 3 courses per session*, or on a full-time co-op term (*Exceptions apply for registered accommodations)

5. Residence history (Returners only):

  • Residence fees must be paid in full from the previous session to receive an offer
  • History of good conduct in Residence

Students may submit an Upper Year application at any time after the application opens on the StarRez Portal.

Students who do not receive an offer in the first round will be automatically be added to the Wait List and will be considered in subsequent offer rounds as long as they wish to keep their application active on the wait list.

Students may cancel their wait list application at any time on the StarRez Portal.

Students who are enrolled in a co-op program are welcome to live in residence for the Fall, Winter and Summer sessions, even when they are on a work term within the Greater Toronto Area.

Adjusting residence contract sessions due to co-op work terms 

Co-op students who are unsure whether they will need residence for Fall Only, Fall and Winter, and Winter Only, should apply for the full Fall & Winter session (8 months) to hold their space.  

Students who need to cancel or adjust their residence session registration after paying a residence deposit and finalizing a co-op work term placement are eligible to be exempt from Residence cancellation and withdrawal fees if they make the request in writing by the deadlines below. Please note it is not guaranteed a space will be available for students switching sessions (switching between Fall Only or Winter Only), rather than shortening a Fall & Winter contract. 

Students may have their residence deposit released to be transferred to other tuition and non-tuition fees on their ACORN account, or, cancel their Winter session fees if shortening their registration to Fall Only. After the deadlines, students who cancel will forfeit their deposit or will be responsible for fees under the Residence Withdrawal policy. 

Requesting registration changes: Students must email the Residence office (residence.utsc@utoronto.ca)  identifying themselves as a co-op student, with their name, student number, and request to change their residence registration. Students must include their job offer letter as documentation to support their request to adjust or cancel their space without financial penalty. 


Co-op student residence contract amendment deadlines





  • Cancel Fall Only session 

  • Switch to Winter Only session (Upon availability - Not guaranteed)


August 1 


  • Cancel Fall & Winter sessions 

  • Switch to Winter Only session 

August 1 


  • Shorten to Fall Only session 

December 1 


  • Cancel Winter Only session 

December 1 


  • Cancel Summer session 

April 15