Upper Year Applicants

Upper Year Students are:

  • Students who have completed at least one session at UTSC
  • Applicants who are returning students & are returning to residence
  • Exchange students
  • Pearson Scholar students in upper year studies

Due to a high demand for residence and the first year Residence Guarantee, residence is not guaranteed for most upper year students. However, you are encouraged to submit an application for consideration.

Applying to residence: If you have never lived in residence but are an upper year student, please contact Student Housing & Residence Life prior to logging into the StarRez Portal to ensure you have access to the correct application.

  • Fall & Winter 2021-2022: Applications go live on April 27th.The application will be available on the StarRez Portal
  • Summer 2021: Apply beginning February 22. See the Summer residence page for more details


Fall & Winter 2021-2022 Applications Accepted Starting: April 27th at 10:00am.

Upper Year housing is not guaranteed for most students, but we strongly encouraged to mark this time in your calendar and apply early. Preference given to applications for academic year (Fall & Winter) session versus Fall Only or Winter Only. 

  • Pearson Scholars: Monitor your email in April for instructions on submitting your application.
  • Inbound Exchange students: Monitor your email in April/May for instructions on submiting your application.


Summer 2021 Applications: See Summer page.

Upper Year students can apply to live in residence during the Summer session between May to August.