Moving Out


Having a successful move out

Read the Residence Move Out Guide and use the Move Out check list to ensure you understand everything you need to do to have a safe, efficient move out.

Need help developing your shared housemate cleaning plan? Check out these suggested plans for 2 housemates, 3 housemates, or 4 housemates.



Donating your gently used items and non-perishable food helps us as a community from adding unnecessarily to landfills. Through the UTSC FreeStore, we collect houseware items that new students can reuse next year. Additionally, we collect clothing, linens, and non-perishable food to donate to community partners. Please see important information below on how to donate. This will also help you reduce the amount of packing you have to do for move out!

Donation Item How to donate  

Cleaning supplies (new & used)

Cleaned dishes/cookware/utensils

Cleaned small kitchen appliances (toasters, rice cookers, kettles)

Electronic waste

Place in the FreeStore cardboard box that is deilvered to your unit. Staff will remove the box after you move out.

Gently worn clothing (washed)

Gently worn shoes

Bedding (washed)

Place in the FreeStore clear bag that is deilvered to your unit. Staff will remove the bag after you move out.

Bins will also be placed in all laundry rooms, the Foley Hall lobby, and Residence Centre atrium.

Non-perishable food

Bins will placed in all laundry rooms, the Foley Hall lobby, and the Residence Centre atrium.


Place in the Textbooks for Change donation bin in the Residence Centre atrium.


Items not accepted for donation: Opened, perishable or refrigerated/frozen food (please place open food in your compost), personal hygiene products, garbage.

If you need additional boxes or bags brought to your unit, please submit a maintenance request on the StarRez Portal.

Questions about donations? Emails the Residence Facilities Coordinator.


Withdrawing from Residence During a Session

Refer to the Residence Withdrawal Chart. A student must schedule a meeting a Residence Life Coordinator to discuss possibly withdrawing from residence. Please contact the Student Housing & Residence Life Office at 416-287-7365 for further information. 


Store Your Dorm or Second Closet can help you store your belongings from one semester to the next at an offsite location. They deliver boxes and tape to your room, pick up from your room, store them over the session and then deliver them back when requested.