Cancelling an application before move-in day

Cancelling your UTSC academic registration does not automatically cancel your residence application. If you wish to cancel your residence application, email us with your name, student number, reason for cancellation and what sessions you are cancelling.

Students who cancel an application for residence before the move-in date indicated in the residence agreement are not responsible for any residence fees beyond the non-refundable deposit. The deposit is forfeited and is not be eligible to be applied towards any other fees on your student account.

Withdrawal from Residence after move-in day

Students withdrawing from residence after move-in day but before the end of the session are charged an administrative fee of $100 and are responsible for a pre-determined percentage of the fee, up to the total cost of the session for which they are registered. All requests to withdraw from residence before the end of the session must be made in writing. The withdrawal forms are available at the Reception & Services desk of the Student Housing and Residence Life Office and can be viewed here for your reference.

If you are withdrawing from residence as well as de-registering from all courses at the University of Toronto (including all campuses), the student will be responsible for the time that they have spent in Residence as well as a $650.00 withdrawal fee for canceling a residence contract.

Any student considering or planning on withdrawing from residence during a session must meet with the Residence Life Coordinator. To book an appointment, please visit the Reception & Services desk or email us.