Meal Plans

We are excited to introduce NEW All-Access meal plan programming for the 2023-2024 academic year. All-Access meal plans provide the ultimate campus dining value, flexibility and convenience! At the University of Toronto Scarborough campus, we have two types of meal plan options available for students to select from. Whether it’s an all access meal plan or a declining balance meal plan, we have something for all student life styles.

2023-2024 Meal Plans
the difference between all the meal plans at UTSC



Benefits of the Meal Plan

CONVIENIENT - No need to carry cash on campus. Access your meal plan simply by swiping your TCard.

HEALTHY - Eat healthy, regular meals, without having to worry about cooking between classes. You eat and study, we cook and clean!

SAVINGS – Meal plans can help you save money by eating on campus while you are studying.


NEW All Access Meal Plan and Dining Hall Harmony Commons

2023-2024 we are introducing a brand NEW All Access Meal Plan and our new state of the art Dining Hall - Harmony Commons. There is 10+ customizable stations that students can have unlimited access to Harmony Commons during hours of operation. This includes access to customizable stations (pasta, deli, salad, Grill station, gourmet pizza station, breakfast, etc), snacks and fountain beverages. All Access Meal Plans are available for students living on or off campus.