Non-degree Student

Students in lecture

Applying as a non-degree student is a great way to continue your education, whether it’s for personal interest, or to upgrade your university record to qualify for graduate school or a professional program. Your courses do not count towards a degree but are credit-courses.

As a non-degree student, you may enrol in arts, science or first-year management courses, for which you have the prerequisites (with some exceptions).  These credits may not be used towards a degree, unless you are subsequently admitted as a second-degree student.

Admission is based on your entire post-secondary academic record and your most recent annual Grade Point Average (GPA).

If you have never attended the University of Toronto and would like to apply for a non-degree course, please fill out the online Non-degree application.

Former University of Toronto students should apply using the Re-enrolment Request Form.

Senior Citizens

Looking to go back to school? Wishing to expand your knowledge by taking general interest credit-courses at U of T Scarborough? Seniors who are at least 65 years old by the first day of term may apply for admission as non-degree students U of T Scarborough. Studies will be conducted on a part-time basis. Normal admission requirements are usually waived.

To apply, call us at +1 (416) 287-7529 for information.

Please note that tuition fees will be charged and limited bursary (grant) assistance may be available.