Mathematics Preparation

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Specific mathematics courses are required for all of the Management programs, and almost all of the sciences. Having the appropriate mathematical knowledge is vital for you to be properly prepared for university study.

Calculus & Advanced Functions

When a program prerequisite course in Calculus/Advanced Functions is specified, you will need to have completed a course that includes the following content:

  • Concepts of advanced functions.
  • Basic concepts of calculus.
  • Investigation, development of facility and application of the properties of polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions
  • Understanding of the mathematics associated with rates of change
  • Problem solving in a range of applications.

View the Ministry of Education curriculum details for the full Ontario Math Curriculum Revision.

Non-Ontario Students

U of T Scarborough offers the Online Mathematics Preparedness Course - a summer non-credit preparation program for university-level mathematics. This course can help you increase your confidence in preparation for university-level studies, and make a more successful transition from high school to university. 

Students who receive 65% or higher in this non-credit course, can use this course as a prerequisite for MATA29, MATA30, or MATA32 at U of T Scarborough. 

We recommend you consider this course if your high school mathematics preparation is strong but does not include Calculus, or if your school did not offer Calculus or Advanced Functions math in its curriculum. This program does not necessarily preclude the need for math prerequisite courses. 

Transfer Students

If you are applying to a program that requires university-level Calculus, we recommend that you enrol in the equivalent course at your university or college (if offered).

In some cases, it may be possible to receive admission consideration if Calculus is completed, at least at the high school level. Please contact us for details.