After You Apply

students walking outside
1. Watch for an Acknowledgment of Application.
We will send you a written acknowledgment by email shortly after we receive your application. A special U of T Scarborough welcome piece will also be sent by mail.
2. Visit the To Do List.
Make sure you take a look at the To Do List to make sure you haven't missed a step in your application.
3. Fill out a Supplementary Application form.
For all Management programs, Co-op Management programs, Co-op International Development Studies and Paramedicine, complete your Supplementary Application Form (SAF) before the deadline.
4. Make note of any interviews.
You may be asked to have an interview for admission to certain programs (e.g., Co-op International Development Studies; Co-op Management & International Business). You will be notified if an interview is necessary soon after we receive your application.
5. Check your application status
You can verify contact information, any documents requested and received, selection decisions and confirm receipt of admission acceptance on the JOIN U of T portal. You can set up your JOIN U of T account as soon as you receive your U of T Applicant number.