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Our programs feature breadth and depth

U of T Scarborough offers many dynamic paths to success. From our very inception, we’ve known the value of combining academic learning with hands-on experience. As one of the first universities in Canada to offer co-operative learning, we’ve always sought out the best and most innovative ways to help you succeed.

With more than 250 program options and over 1,250 courses offered annually, the hardest choice will be deciding what to learn first. These programs are categorized into admission categories as seen below. 

Computer & Mathematical Sciences (HBSc)

From artificial intelligence to Big data, U of T Scarborough's professors share the most current industry application and academic theories available in these rapidly changing fields. Innovative problem-solving and practical skills mean STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) graduates are in high demand in all sectors.

Humanities & Social Sciences (HBA)

U of T Scarborough brings the humanities and social sciences to life through traditional and cutting-edge programs. From the mysteries of ancient civilizations to the glory of the performing and visual arts, leading faculty cross traditional academic boundaries, cultures and even media to guide you to new understanding about how we view individuals, society and our inner and outer worlds.

Life Sciences (HBSc)

The work of life scientists will influence decisions made over the next decades – decisions that will have an extraordinary impact on the world’s future and how we meet the challenges ahead. Engage in high-profile research with some of Canada’s leading scientists and researchers and learn first-hand how to ask — and answer — the questions that make a difference. Innovative, flexible programming and state-of-the-art instruments and lab technologies motivate curious science students to find their own answers to the questions that matter.

Management (BBA)

Business leaders require flexibility, adaptability and creativity to succeed in today’s competitive environment. U of T Scarborough Management graduates have boundless opportunities and are employed in every sector. The program also provides a solid foundation for entrepreneurs and students who wish to pursue professional certification in areas such as accounting or human resource management, or further study with graduate programs or law.

Physical & Environmental Sciences (HBSc)

Curious about chemistry? Wonder what we can do about water shortages? Qualified environmental scientists are in demand around the world. Explore today’s environmental challenges through our strong Environmental Science undergraduate and Master’s programs or our new interdisciplinary PhD. Our award-winning instructors will inspire you to delve deep into subjects from planetary physics to the benefits of electric cars. Rich programs and Co-op options make Physical & Environmental Sciences as exciting as the world around us.

Psychological & Health Sciences (HBSc)

Health issues affect all aspects of our world, from individual health journeys to economic impact. U of T Scarborough's strong focus on health education means you have a unique opportunity to understand the world of health science through innovative Co-op programs and laboratory experience. Gain the knowledge and practical skills that will help you help others.

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About Co-op

Learn how a UTSC Co-op education can help prepare you for success beyond your bachelor's degree.
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About Joint Programs

Read about ways to complement your UTSC studies with our programs offered in conjunction with other institutions.
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Professional & Graduate Programs

UTSC is also to several post-undergraduate degree options. Learn how you can continue your studies.