Student Recruitment Assistants

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Like you, our Student Recruitment Assistants were once new to the campus, and had the same questions that you want answered. Ask a student today!

  • What are classes like — is the work difficult?
  • What are professors like?
  • What types of student clubs and activities are available?
  • Is it easy to meet people and make friends?
  • What sports can I play on campus?
  • What should I bring with me into residence?
  • What is the Orientation all about?

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  • Anthropology; Linguistics; Psychology

  • Co-op Biochemistry; Human Biology; Psychology

  • Biochemistry; Neuroscience

  • Political Science; Public Policy
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  • Co-op Management & International Business
Ardalan headshot

  • Molecular Biology, Immunology & Disease; Women’s & Gender Studies

  • Biology; Mental Health Studies; Neuroscience

  • Statistics; Computer Science

  • OISE - Master of Education; BA - Critical Migration Studies, Human Geography, Public Law

  • Co-op Mental Health Studies; Neuroscience

  • OISE - Master of Education; BSc - Applied Statistics, Human Georgraphy, Psychology

  • Human Biology; Pyschology