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Ontario College Applicants

The maximum number of transfer credits you are eligible for is based on the type of college credential completed. Transfer credits will be determined after receiving a completed Transfer Credit Application.

Transfer credits from post-secondary institutions cannot be forfeited. 

If have an Ontario College Certificate or the equivalent of one year of full-time study:
- Up to a maximum of 1.0 unspecified credit.
If you’ve completed a two-year diploma program, or two years of a three-year diploma:
- Up to a maximum of 3.0 unspecified credits may be granted, depending on the academic content of the program completed or the program you're enrolled in.
If you’ve completed a three-year diploma program:
- Up to a maximum of 5.0 transfer credits may be granted, depending on the academic content of the program completed. Students who receive 4.0 or more credits must be awarded transfer credit to all first-year required courses to be eligible for admission to limited enrolment programs.

Centennial College Joint Program Applicants

Joint program applicants at U of T Scarborough are eligible for additional transfer credits upon completion of their program at Centennial College. For details visit the Joint Programs website.

Colleges in other Canadian Provinces

U of T Scarborough normally observes the practices of major universities of the province in which the college is located, when considering whether a course completed at a non-Ontario college is transferable.

For example: If a course completed at a College in British Columbia is acceptable for transfer credit at the University of British Columbia in an Arts, Science, or Management program, likely it will be considered by U of T Scarborough.

University Applicants

Transfer credits will be determined after receiving a completed Transfer Credit Application.  If you have completed the equivalent of more than half of your requirements at another university, you have exceeded the residency requirement for U of T and therefore may be required to apply as a second-degree applicant. The residency requirement states that at least half of your degree must be completed at U of T to be eligible for a U of T degree. If further information about this requirement is required please contact us at

Whether you are currently enrolled in courses at another university, or you have been away from studies for a time, you can apply to transfer to UTSC. If you are currently or were previously enrolled at the University of Toronto, please see the internal transfer students page

You may be eligible for transfer credit for courses in which your final mark is 60% or higher (provided that the passing mark in these courses is 50%). 

If you've completed half or less of your undergraduate studies:
- Up to a maximum of 10.0 transfer credits may be granted.

If you've completed more than half of your undergraduate studies:
- You may be considered as a second-degree applicant. To be eligible for a U of T degree, it requires that at least half of your degree is completed at U of T. 

If you have completed a four-year degree program:
- Up to a maximum of 5.0 transfer credits may be granted, (4.0 credits at the A-level and 1.0 credits at the B-level). Second Degree applicants are not eligible for admission to a program that has a significant amount of content overlapping their previous degree.

Ontario Consortium Agreement

Among the 7-member University Credit Transfer Consortium, we can grant specific course credit for more than 20 of the most popular and highly subscribed first-year foundational courses. As a Consortium member, we are committed to ensuring that all courses within our degrees meet the standards of high quality and that our foundational courses adequately prepare for more focused learning in higher years. Completing any of these foundational courses at any Consortium member university will satisfy the program prerequisite requirement that the corresponding U of T course would satisfy, subject to meeting grade requirements.

If you've completed any first-year, arts and science degree course with a minimum grade of 60%, you are guaranteed general, first-year credit upon admission to U of T Scarborough. To learn more about course equivalencies for popular and high enrolment courses for individual universities, please use the links below.