Online Mathematics Preparedness Course

Mathematics is often required in first year UofT Scarborough courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Statistics.
The Online Mathematics Preparedness Course is a short, intensive online program supervised by UofT Scarborough faculty that introduces the assignments, expectations and experiences that you will encounter in math courses. The Online Mathematics Preparedness Course can help you increase your confidence in preparation for university-level studies, and make a more successful transition from high school to university. Students who receive 65% or higher in this non-credit course, can use this course as a prerequisite for A29, A30, or A32 at UTSC.
The course will be offered this Summer from August 1-August 25. Registration is now closed.

Please contact us should you have any questions.
*This course is not intended to meet offer conditions for new students. If you have questions or concerns about meeting the conditions of your offer of admission, please contact Admissions & Student Recruitment at