Evaluation & Policies



Grade Reports

Three grade reports will be issued during the 8-week program:

  1. Frequent progress reports
  2. Midterm Report
  3. Final Report

All grades (in-class work, assignments, and tests) will be reported as letter grades.

FINAL GRADE letter grade

Note: A grade of “B” in class work and a grade of “B” in all final exams meet the language facility requirements at the University of Toronto. Students who do not receive a final grade of “B” will have the following two consequences:

The student with a grade of “B-“ or “C+” will take a reduced course load. Specifically, he/she may enroll in a maximum of three courses (1.5 credits) during each of the Fall and Winter Sessions and must enroll additional English language training course (Academic English) at additional expenses. The course will run from September to April with 4 hours per week on Saturday.

In cases of academic failure in the FAIR program, a grade of “C “or less, the University reserves the right to cancel admission and registration.




Attendance and Participation

Since students will be actively involved in both individual and group activities, regular attendance and full participation are important. Student initiative and independent study are required for success in this program.

Students must attend 90% of all classes in order to receive a successful course completion certificate and grade report at the end of the session. Active participation is required in all of your classes. Up to one full letter grade (10% of your mark in your Reading and Writing, Communication Strategies and Research Paper Focus) may be deducted for inadequate participation in each of those classes. Absence Students must report an absence from class prior to the commencement of class through email to the instructor or a phone call to the administrative staff. Failure to do so will result in the student being contacted by administration to determine the cause of their absence.

If student absence is due to illness, a doctor's note is required under the following circumstances:

One day No
Two days or more Yes

English-Only Policy

All students are required to speak English in class at all times. Failure to do so will result in penalties as indicated in individual course outlines.