What’s your favourite course at UTSC and why? 

One of the great things about the University of Toronto Scarborough is the ability to take electives outside of your program. It just so happens that my favorite course was CLAB20/HISB12 - The Classical World in Film. The course explores how the Greek and Roman world was reconstructed by filmmakers. It was great to analyze historical accuracy of some of my favorite films such as Troy & 300.  


Who’s your favourite professor at UTSC and why? 

Prior to selecting UTSC as my university of choice, I went to fall campus day to gain a better understanding of my options. At the event, Dr.Zakzanis from the Psychology Department gave an inspirational and informative presentation. He’s one of the driving forces of me selecting UTSC. As a student I was able to take two amazing courses he instructed, Introduction to Clinical Psychology/Abnormal Psychology & Clinical Neuropsychology. He teaches with great passion and enthusiasm. His lectures were very clear, interesting and unique. I also had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of his research process & his graduate students professionalism by  volunteering briefly as a research assistant in his laboratory.  


What’s your favourite spot on campus and why? 

One of my favorite spots on campus is the Meeting Place as I’m always intrigued to see the various fun events that are hosted throughout the year. Additionally, I like the Environmental Science & Chemistry Building, there are plenty of spaces to study and rest if need be, and luckily there isn’t much traffic in this building. 


Why did you decide to come to UTSC? 

UTSC is the only University of Toronto campus that has co-op programs. Co-op programs give you on-the-job learning within full-time, organizations and relevant to your field of study. I knew someone who did her placement at Baycrest and the experience and knowledge she gained from her work terms was aspiring. I had the privilege of completing both my work terms at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), an experience that has shaped both my personal and professional development.  


Why did you decide to become an SRA? 

I was lucky enough to know students several years ahead of me that was able to give me valuable advice on how to navigate my time at UTSC. I’m hoping that by becoming a Student Recruitment Assistant, I will be able to pass it forward and help potential students with any concerns.  


Favourite movie/TV show? 

Some of my favorite movies and television shows are: Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, Criminal Minds, Shameless and all of the Harry Potter films #Ravenclaw! 


Favourite food? 

I love Pizza and Spicy Chicken.  


If you could give one piece of advice to your 1st year self what would it be? 

If I can give advice to my first year self it would be to try new things, there are plenty of events and activities that UTSC offers that I wish I knew of earlier. Additionally I would tell myself to make use of the academic resources available to me more often such as the Academic Writing Centre.