First Year Students

First Year Students

Students who have been newly admitted to the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) and require accommodations, should register with AccessAbility Services as soon as the Letter of Offer is accepted. Students are strongly encouraged to register with AccessAbility Services as early as possible to avoid a delay in service.

To begin the process of registering with AccessAbility Services, please complete the Online Intake Registration Form
IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to complete the Online Intake Registration Form, a student will need a UTORid and password. The UTORid and password is set up when you obtain your TCard. Information on obtaining a TCard and setting up a UTORid and password can be found on the Office of the Registrar's TCard Information page.
If a new student does not yet have their UTORid and password, please contact our office directly and we can assist with the registration process.

First Year Transition Program: Summer StartUp

AccessAbility Services offers a summer transition program as well as monthly Traction Sessions to support incoming students with disabilities.  This immersive program aims to help students in navigating their first year at UTSC, as well as build academic and learning strategies beneficial in university, such as reading, note taking, and time-management.  Please visit our First Year Transition page for more information on the current year programming.


Not necessarily. University is a very different environment from high school. As such, your previous accommodations may not be sufficient to support you in this environment or some supports may be delivered in a different fashion.

Congratulations on your acceptance!  Any documentation included with your university application will not be forwarded to AccessAbility Services. Students are advised to provide the service with a separate copy.  We strongly advise students to register with AccessAbility Services as soon as possible upon acceptance of their offer of admission.

There are a number of scholarships and bursaries available exclusively for students with disabilities. For more information or to book an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor, please refer to the UTSC Financial Aid Website.   Access to a number of the awards depends on OSAP eligibility.  We strongly recommend that all students with disabilities apply for OSAP, even if they think they will not be eligible.  An official decision must be made regarding OSAP eligibility before other sources of funding can be pursued.  

Our records are confidential. Students will not be identified on their transcripts or degree as being registered with AccessAbility Services.

Contact us for more information or call 416-287-7560