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Information & Processes


Building Access: Classrooms

UTSC strives to reach a high level of accessibility to ensure meaningful access in all our spaces.  Should a student have difficulty accessing any space on campus please notify AccessAbility Services.
Accessible entrances to the following classrooms are available at alternate entry points:
  • SW-309 (enter on second level SW-218)
  • SW-319 (enter on second level SW-233)

Emergency Evacuation

  • The campus Emergency Evacuation Procedures consider the needs of persons with disabilities. Emergency Evacuation Points have been strategically located throughout the campus as points where people needing assistance can gather. Every sign has a location code which consists of a letter and one or two numbers. These indicate the Wing/Building the person is in, the floor level and the location of the sign.
  • Emergency Evacuation Chairs have been placed throughout the campus for use by the Toronto Fire Department to transfer persons with mobility devices using stair
  • In the event of a fire or other emergency persons who cannot gain access to an outside exit should stage themselves at one of the evacuation points and have the Campus Police advised of their location. This can be done in one of three ways: 
  • Have a responsible person tell the Police of the location By activating the fire alarm (pull station) near the Emergency Evacuation Sign By calling if there is a phone nearby or use a cell phone as a backup (Note: Please note cell phones do not work in all areas of the campus)
  • The Campus Police have a full listing of the location points and either they or the fire department will respond to the location as soon as possible. 



Travel to Campus

  • Accessible Parking: Designated accessible parking spaces are located in various parking lots on campus
  • TTC Wheeltrans: There are a number of Wheel Trans stops on campus
  • Disability Consultants may approve accommodations for drop-off privileges for disability-related needs.


    Should you require access to a drop-off/pick-up location that is closer to the location of your classes due to disability-related impacts, please contact our front desk staff at 416-287-7560 so arrangements can be made with our Parking Services Office to meet your disability-related needs.


    Parking Services can issue you a drop-off permit to be displayed on your dashboard for approximately 15 minutes Please let us know if this something that will be needed


    In order to use any of the accessible parking spots on campus for any purpose, you are required to have a valid accessible parking permit that has been issued by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.




  • The UTSC Library strives to ensure that the library and its resources are fully supported and accessible. For information on access, retrieval of books, alternate format materials, access to specialized equipment, and photocopying go to the library "services to persons with disabilities" page.


Residence Life Accessible Housing

  • Accessible housing is available in Student Housing in all styles (apartment, townhouse, etc.).  Students are encouraged to complete an access in residence form to provide the Residence Life staff with information to inform housing placements.

Report Barriers

  • Report campus accessibility issues to the UTSC Facilities Management Office, University of Toronto Scarborough (416) 287-7579


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