Accommodating Students with Disabilities

The University is committed to developing an accessible learning environment that provides reasonable accommodations to enable students with disabilities to meet the essential academic requirements of the University’s courses and programs.  For comprehensive information on accommodation guidelines for students with disabilities please visit the Office of the Vice Provost, Students

Important Links:

Academic Accommodations - The Office of the Vice-Provost Students

AODA Office - Accessibilty Information for UofT

What faculty need to know about accommodating students with disabilites (PDF)

Demystifying Academic Accommodations Brochure (PDF)

Ontario Human Rights Commission Policy on Accessible Education

Epilepsy Toronto - Seizure First Aid



myAIMS Instructor Information

My AccessAbility Information Management System (myAIMS)

Peer Note Taking Service

How to support students who require notetaking. 

Quizzes, Tests & Exams

How to support students who require quiz, test and exam accommodations.

Letters of Accommodation

Letters of Accommodation outline student accommodations and provide information about the implementation of these