First Year Transition Program

AccessAbility Services Start Up 2022

AccessAbility Services Summer Start-Up

Summer 2022 dates and registration information coming soon

A Program For Incoming First Year Students with Disabilities

AccessAbility Services hosts a yearly transition program for incoming first year students with disabilities.  The program is designed to assist students in navigating their first year at UTSC, and build academic and learning strategies to support your success (e.g. reading, note taking, and time-management strategies).


The program will include interactive sessions and opportunities to connect with other first year students with disabilities.

Topics will include:

  • What to expect during my first year at UTSC
  • What supports are available for my disability-related needs
  • What academic skills are useful in a university setting
  • How to connect with peers
  • How to keep my mind and body healthy
  • And much more.....

The program will include resources designed for parents and caregivers to help support their student during their transition to university.


Additional Information:


Transition Resource Guide for Students with Disabilities: Transition to Postsecondary Education