First Year Transition Program

AccessAbility Services Start Up 2021

AccessAbility Services Summer Start-Up 

For Incoming 1st Year Students with Disabilities

August 16th - 20th, 2021

AccessAbility Services hosts a yearly transition program for incoming 1st year students with disabilities.  The program is designed to assist students in navigating their first year at UTSC, and build academic and learning strategies beneficial in university, e.g. reading, note taking, and time-management strategies.

This year our program will be hosted in a virtual space, and include online modules, interactive sessions and Q&A's, as well as resources designed for parents and caregivers to help support their student during the transition to university.

StartUp Programing is driven to answer:

  • What to expect during my first year at UTSC
  • What supports are available for my disability-related needs
  • What academic skills are useful in a university setting
  • How to connect with peers
  • How to keep my mind and body healthy


Online Quercus Module

Live/Interactive components  Live Online Schedule 2021 [PDF] 

AccessAbility Services First Year FAQ [PDF]

1st Year Transition Checklist [PDF]

AccessAbility Services StartUp 2021 Parent Info Session

Parent/Caregiver Session

Wednesday, August 18th at 6:00pm

Live Online Event hosted on MS Teams 

During this session, we will share resources designed for parents and caregivers to help support students during the transition to university.  

MS Teams will be the platform used for this online event.  Using a laptop, tablet, or smart phone anyone can access a free online version of MS Teams.  This platform will allow you to watch the session online, and participate in the Q&A using voice or chat messaging, if you have questions or comments.  Registrants will receive a meeting invitation via email closer to the date of event, which will contain a link to connect to the meeting at 6:00pm on August 18th.


  • In order to attend the program, students must be registered with AccessAbility Services.  To register, please complete the Online Intake Form and/or visit our Registration Information page
  • In order for parents/caregivers to attend and access the parent/caregiver sessions, their student must be registered with AccessAbility Services and the AccessAbility Summer Start-Up Program.