Placements & Practicums

AccessAbility Services is committed to supporting undergraduate and graduate students with experiential learning opportunities including placement and practicums.

Appropriate accommodations for the classroom might not be relevant or appropriate in a practicum or placement. The core/essential requirements of a placement or practicum will differ significantly from what happens in the classroom. Therefore, many accommodations in the classroom would not apply in a placement or practicum setting.

For some students, the demands of a clinical environment reveal unexpected disability-related barriers that might not have required accommodations or consideration in the past. These may include but are not limited to:

  • specific tasks
  • the complexity and volume of instructions and directions in a new setting
  • placement schedules
  • supervisory relationships
  • the complexity of disability-related absences when working with vulnerable populations (e.g., patients)


Information for students:

Students are encouraged to meet with their Disability Advisor well in advance of any placement or practicum (this includes CO-OP) to discuss accommodations, possible needs and processes. Communication is essential as the accommodations process is a shared responsibility between the student, the academic department and field supervisors and AccessAbility Services.


  • Meet placement and practicum core requirements
  • Maintain clear communication with supervisor, program and AccessAbility Services
  • Maintain professional standards (i.e., punctual for shift, clear communication regarding absences, record keeping, accepting and responding to constructive feedback, etc.)


Information for Faculty and Academic Staff on Effective Accommodations for Placements, and Practicums including:

  • Best practices in the accommodation process
  • Task analysis
  • Deciding appropriate accommodations
  • Strategies in clinical settings
  • Registering for accommodations

Planning Ahead: A Case Study on Student Performance Standards and Accommodations for an Internship

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SAMIH (Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health) (Coming 2026)



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