Online Forms

If you are registered with AccessAbility Services, please submit forms using the myAIMS Document Upload Portal.   Log-in to myAIMS and select "Upload Documents" from the main menu.  Please review our Document Upload Portal Guide [PDF] for detailed step-by-step instructions

Note: If you experience a problem opening the online forms, please try another web browser type (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari)


Medical Certificate Form  PDF
Extension Request Form (for registered students)  PDF



Late Submission Notification Form - This form should be submitted directly to the Accommodated Test and Exam office at   Microsoft Word
Rescheduling of a Quiz/Test/Exam Notification Form - to be completed if you have already submitted a quiz/test/exam request and your instructor has changed the date OR if you are writing a make-up quiz/test/exam.
PDF Microsoft Word
Take-Home Exam Extra Time Request Form PDF  
Deferred Examination Request Form PDF Microsoft Word


Transfer of Accommodations 

Taking Courses at another UofT Campus - transfer of accommodations  PDF  
Transfer to another Uof T Campus Form  PDF  Microsoft Word



General Application Form for Volunteers  PDF Microsoft Word
Peer Note taker Registration Register Online  



Workshop Registration Form PDF Microsoft Word