Campus Transfers

Taking Courses at a Different Campus

To implement your accommodations on another campus, you must:

Step 1:


Step 2: 

Once AccessAbility Services receives the tranfer of accommodation request from you, your accommodations will be faxed to the office of the applicable campus.

Step 3: 

Call the appropriate office at the other campus to book an appointment (see contact information at the end of this section). 


If you have specific course concerns, discuss this with the consultant at the campus where the course is taking place. They will be familiar with the campus policies and procedures. 
However, if you would like changes to your accommodations or if you would like to discuss disability-related funding, you must speak to your home campus Disability Consultant (e.g. UTSC students taking a course at St. George would speak to their UTSC Disability Consultant). 

Financial Aid 

You should speak with your home campus Financial Aid office and/or your home campus Disability Consultant for any disability-related funding (e.g. OSAP, BSWD). 


You are not required to re-submit medical documentation to the other campus' disability office.Your documentation will be kept on file at the disability office on your home campus. If you wish to discuss potential changes to your accommodations, you should contact your home campus Disability Consultant. All updates and changes to your accommodations will be communicated to the other campus where you are taking the course. 


The academic calendar is different on each campus so you must ensure that you comply with the accommodation request deadlines on the campus you are taking a course at. For example, due to the differing campus dates for when final exams are held, each campus has a different deadline to submit final exam accommodation requests.
*It is important to note that even though you may be taking a course at another campus, you are required to follow the academic and financial deadlines of your home campus.
If you have questions, contact the UTSC Registrar's Office

Changing Your Home Campus (Transferring Academic Programs)

Step 1:

If you are transferring your home campus, please complete and upload the Transfer To Another Campus form.  

Step 2:

Once AccessAbility Services receives the request to transfer your file from you, your file will be sent to the applicable campus. This will include your accommodation plan, documentation and information regarding another other services you received.

Step 3: 

Call the appropriate office at the other campus to book an appointment to ensure you are registered at the new campus and you are aware of the processes on your new home campus (see contact information at the end of this section). 


AccessAbility Resource Center, UofT Mississauga
Tel: 905-569-4699 
Fax: 905-569-4366 
3359 Mississauga Rd. N., 
Room 2037, Davis Building 
Mississauga, ON L5L1C6
Accessibility Services, UofT St. George 
Tel: 416-978-8060
Fax: 416-978-5729 
455 Spadina Avenue, 4th Floor, Suite 400
(Just north of College Street) 
Toronto, ON M5S 2G8

Co-op Work Term Accommodation Process 

You are encouraged to speak with your Co-op Coordinator regarding your accommodation needs in the workplace. If you would like AccessAbility Services to work with you and the Co-op Coordinator regarding your disability-related needs, let the Co-op Coordinator or your Disability Consultant know.
You will be asked to sign a Consent to Disclosure form to allow communication between the departments.

Joint Programs with Centennial College

While you are enrolled in a joint program, you are a member of student societies at both institutions. During sessions in which you are taking Centennial College courses, you will receive a Centennial College student card in addition to your University of Toronto student card. You may access student services and use facilities at either campus.

The Centennial College Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) will need to identify appropriate accommodations based on your disability-related needs and the Centennial College course requirements.

To implement your accommodations at Centennial College, you must:

Step 1:

Notify AccessAbility Services at UTSC that you are taking courses at Centennial College as part of a joint program. The Disability Consultant will prepare a letter for you outlining your accommodations at UTSC.

Step 2:

Book an appointment with the Centennial College CSD (see contact information at the end of this section).

Step 3:

Your confirmation of accommodation letter from AccessAbility Services UTSC will be sent to you.  Take this with you to your appointment at Centennial College.  

Note: The letter is for information purposes only. Centennial must conduct an intake appointment with you, gather documentation and determine appropriate accommodations in your program at Centennial.  

Please speak with Centennial Colleges CSD in regards to their documentation requirements (see contact information at the end of this section).


The UTSC Financial Aid Office will administer all financial aid matters. You should not apply for financial aid at Centennial College. To discuss disability-related educational expenses and the BSWD/CSG, contact your Disability Consultant at UTSC. 


It is important to note that even though you are taking a course(s) at Centennial College as part of your joint program, you are required to follow UTSC academic and financial deadlines (e.g., the published course add and drop dates for UTSC, will also apply to your Centennial College courses). If you have questions, contact the UTSC Registrar's Office


Centennial College Centre for Students with Disabilities

Tel: (416) 289-5000, ext. 8025
755 Morningside Avenue 
Room 190 (First floor). 
Toronto, ON, M1C 5J9