PSA (Personal Support Assistance)

As a courtesy, AccessAbility Services may assist in arranging a volunteer support person for assistance with activities such as mobility on campus, getting books out of bags, etc.
If this support is approved, students are required to speak with the Assistant, Volunteer Resources 416-208-2662 or  to work out a schedule for the volunteer.
Please submit your request for Personal Support Assistance as early as possible in order to ensure timely service. 
Note: You are required to arrange personal care (e.g, toileting) through an attendant service in the community such as the Centre For Independant Living in Toronto (CILT)

Student Responsibilities

•    You must promptly inform the Assistant, Volunteer Resources of any changes to your class schedule (add/drop courses, change sections, etc.).  
•    You cannot make special arrangements with the volunteer PSA to make changes to the schedule.  Any requests to change the agreed upon schedule must go through the Assistant, Volunteer Resources.
•    Please inform us if you are going to miss class, or an arranged PSA time, so we can cancel the volunteer shift.

Timelines for Requesting Services

Please submit a service request by the posted deadline in order for AccessAbility Services to have sufficient time to arrange volunteer supports.  If you submit your request late, this may result in difficulty getting coverage or delays to the services.


Summer - All requests should be submitted by April 30th

Fall - All requests should be submitted by August 10th

Winter - All requests should be submitted by November 30th