Accessible Parking

Designated accessible parking spaces are located in various parking lots on campus. Please see map for locations.

Please note:

  • Vehicles must display a valid Accessible Parking Permit issued by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (or other provincial/state transportation departments) in addition to a valid UTSC Parking Permit or a valid parking receipt.
  • In parking lots with a pay-and-display meter, a payment of $12 will be honoured as a daily flat rate when a valid accessible permit is displayed.  Alternatively, the posted hourly or weekend/evening rate may be paid at the applicable times.

Parking Lot A: Features 5 accessible parking spaces. Parking Lot A is a non-gated lot.

Parking Lot C and D: Features 14 accessible parking spaces.  Parking Lot C and D are gated lots.  Visitors wishing to utilize the accessible spaces in these lots can use the intercom at the gate to gain access to the parking lot.

Parking Lot E: Features 4 accessible spaces. Parking Lot E is a non-gated lot.

Arts and Administration Building: There are 4 accessible parking spaces near the junction of the Arts & Administration Building (AA) and the Science Wing (SW).

Science Research Building: There is one accessible parking space at the end of the Science Research Building (SY).

Instructional Centre: There are 4 accessible parking spaces located outside (to the south) of Parking Lot K .

Environmental Science & Chemistry Building: There are 5 accessible parking spaces in Parking Lot L located on the west side of the Environmental Science and Chemistry Building (ESCB).