Accessible Parking

Designated accessible parking spaces are located in various parking lots on campus. Please see map for locations.

Please note:

  • Vehicles must display a valid Accessible Parking Permit issued by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (or other provincial/state transportation departments) in addition to a valid UTSC Parking Permit or a valid parking receipt.
  • In Parking Lots A, C and D, a payment of $13.25 (for 2.5 hours) will be honoured as a daily flat rate when a valid accessible permit is displayed. Alternatively, the posted hourly or weekend/evening rate may be paid at the applicable times. 
  • In Parking Lot L, as well as the accessible spaces outside of Harmony Commons and near the entrance doors to the Science Wing, parking meters will be programmed with the daily flat rate of $13.30, along with evening and weekend flat rates to match the parking rates in Lots G and H.

Parking Lot A: Features 5 accessible parking spaces. Parking Lot A is a non-gated lot.

Parking Lot C and D: Features 14 accessible parking spaces.  Parking Lot C and D are gated lots.  Visitors wishing to utilize the accessible spaces in these lots can use the intercom at the gate to gain access to the parking lot.

Parking Lot E: Features 4 accessible spaces. Parking Lot E is a non-gated lot.

Arts and Administration Building: There are 4 accessible parking spaces near the junction of the Arts & Administration Building (AA) and the Science Wing (SW).

Science Research Building: There is one accessible parking space at the end of the Science Research Building (SY).

Instructional Centre: There are 4 accessible parking spaces located outside (to the south) of Parking Lot K .

Parking Lot L (Environmental Science & Chemistry Building): There are 5 accessible parking spaces in Parking Lot L located on the west side of the Environmental Science and Chemistry Building (ESCB).

Harmony Commons:  There are 4 accessible parking spaces on the East side of the building