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U of T Scarborough buildings and facilities remain open with limited access. Classes will go ahead as planned as they are all online.

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If psychology is the scientific study of mental processes, social psychology details how socio-cultural and individual-difference factors contribute to these mental processes. Research in social psychology at U of T Scarborough focuses on important social issues and covers many of the major topics within the field. Particular strengths include social cognition, interpersonal and intergroup relations, status hierarchies, aesthetics, personality structure, emotion, morality, and social neuroscience. Although broad, these research interests overlap in significant ways, providing a broad concentration in social identity, culture, and affective science.

Core Faculty:

  • Kosha Bramesfeld
  • Gerald Cupchik
  • Karen Dion
  • Brett Ford
  • Marc Fournier
  • Cendri Hutcherson 
  • Michael Inzlicht
  • Yoel Inbar
  • Ravi Thiruchselvam 
  • Y. Andre Wang
  • Yang Wu

Our broader University of Toronto community is also home of the vibrant tri-campus Social Personality Research Group