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Undergraduate Overview

Psychology is that branch of science which seeks to understand behaviour and mind. Why organisms - human and infrahuman - act as they do is one of the most compelling and longstanding questions in the history of human thought, and psychology  addresses this question through scientific enquiry.  Our program in psychology offers the opportunity to understand and further inquire into various areas of psychology:  how humans learn, adapt, and remember; how they change over their lifetimes; how they are affected by the presence of others; and, how their behaviour relates to their physiological functions.

Mental Health Studies focuses on pathologies of the mind. It seeks to understand the causes of mental disorders from the level of the brain to the impact on everyday life. Some mental health challenges are normal and can arise as a result of certain life experiences whereas others are more severe, pathological and debilitating. Mental Health Studies explores this continuum and applies the science of psychology to their assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Neuroscience encompasses aspects of a variety of disciplines that have the common goal of understanding how the nervous system works. Techniques from constituent disciplines like anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, physiology, psychology and zoology are used to unravel some of the mysteries of the brain and its mechanisms of action, including dysfunctions.

We offer the following program types

  Co-op specialist Specialist Major Minor
Psychology yes yes yes yes
Mental Health Studies yes yes yes no
Neuroscience yes yes yes no

*Note: programs in Psychology and Mental Health Studies cannot be combined

For details, please see the Psychology and Mental Health Studies, and Neuroscience program sections of our current Calendar.