Community Adult Volunteer Panel

Interested in participating in psychology research at UTSC?

The Department of Psychology conducts many kinds of research studies. Areas we study include memory, cognition, perception, and how nervous system activity at the molecular, cellular, and network level relates to behaviour. We study human and animal development, social behaviour, personality, mental health conditions, neurological disorders, and brain injuries. Our research helps society to better understand human behaviour and mental processes.

What is the Adult Volunteer Panel?

Our researchers regularly require participants for our studies who represent a broad range of ages and life experiences. We especially seek adults 40 to 80 years of age. To invite participants from the UTSC community and surrounding areas, we have created an Adult Volunteer Panel. It’s a registry of people who are signed up and willing to take part in studies from time to time. Most studies are conducted in person at the University. Participants are typically paid a nominal fee for their participation.

Am I eligible? What's involved?

We seek adults aged 18 and older who are not currently enrolled in our first-year PSYA01/PSYA02 psychology courses (why?). Studies may take as little as one hour of your time or may be longer. Some are entirely online. People typically take part in one or two studies per year. How often you take part depends on your schedule and whether you qualify for a study that's currently running. If you’re interested, please consider joining the Panel!

How to join

  1. Read our Consent Form to learn more about what joining the Panel involves.
  2. Create a profile in our AVP system with your contact information and answer some short questions about you.

Benefits of participating

Are you curious about what kinds of work psychology researchers do at UTSC? The methods or tools we use? What questions we're trying to answer? How scientific knowledge is created? By taking part in our studies, you can glimpse these things up close. More important, though, psychology research can’t happen without participants.

When you take part in our research as a participant, you are contributing directly to the building of knowledge in psychological science. To compensate you for this service to society, our researchers typically provide a small payment for your participation where funding permits.  Other benefits are often mentioned in the consent forms of individual studies, which you will discover when you participate.

Further questions?

For more information, please contact our Adult Volunteer Panel Coordinator at

Why can't I join the Adult Volunteer Panel (AVP) if I'm taking first-year psychology?

When researchers in our department require participants from a broad range of ages or education levels, they advertise certain studies on both our undergraduate SONA system and the Adult Volunteer Panel (AVP) system. So, if you're already taking PSYA01 or PSYA02 this year at UTSC, please do not sign up for the Adult Volunteer Panel. Though we appreciate your interest, our researchers already recruit students from your classes through the SONA system.

If first-year psychology students were also members of the Adult Volunteer Panel (AVP), they could conceivably sign up twice for the same studies: once for their class, and once as part of the AVP. We don't want this to happen. Why not?

  • Your effect on the study is doubled
  • On the second round, you already know what the study procedure involves, and thus...
  • The results of the study cannot be trusted, since you are more "in the know" about it than other participants because of your repeat experience.

Bottom line: Please wait until your course(s) is over before joining the AVP. Thanks for helping us to create robust science knowledge!