MA/ PhD Program Overview

MA/ PhD Program Overview

The Graduate Program in Counselling and Clinical Psychology is a tri-campus MA and PhD degree program at the University of Toronto housed across both the Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science (GD-PCS) at UTSC and the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). Each Department offers one field of study; the GD-PCS at UTSC field is in Clinical Psychology.

Our program offers a full-time, 2-year Master of Arts and 4-year Doctor of Philosophy degree program designed for applicants interested in a career as a clinical psychologist based on the Clinical Science model of training. Note that our program is not intended to offer a terminal Master’s degree. However, we do not guarantee that all students who enter the Master’s program will be granted admission to the PhD program; completion of all requirements in a timely and competent manner during the Master’s program is required. 

Students are required to complete a sequence of practicum placements over the course of three years focused on readying them for professional practice, as well as ensure preparation for success in the APPIC Match. The first practicum takes place internally at UTSC’s Health and Wellness Centre. This training experience is intended to provide students with requisite skills in interviewing techniques, reflective listening, rapport building, and other core clinical skills. In addition, students run multiple group therapy interventions and provide cognitive-behavioural interventions for individual clients. Subsequently, students participate in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Practicum Match with the assistance of the Program Coordinator. Through this process, students will match a one full-time summer practicum (to be completed in the Summer after the Health and Wellness practicum), and two Fall/Winter practica two be completed in PhD1 and PhD2. These practica are most often completed at hospital sites around the GTA.

For full details on the MA/ PhD requirements and program overview, please visit the U of T School of Graduate Studies - Psychological Clinical Science webpage. The Courses and Timetable webpage will also provide details on individual course descriptions and offerings. Please note that not all courses are offered every year.

MA & PhD Requirements

The full-time, two-year MA program is designed for applicants interested in working as researchers or practitioners in a variety of psychological and educational settings. This program enables students to apply for registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario as a Psychological Associate. For information about the registration requirements of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, applicants are encouraged to contact the College directly.

Year 1 CPS1601H - Psychopathology
CPS1701H - Psychological Assessment I
CPS1702H - Psychological Assessment II
CPS1801H - Psychotherapy
CPS1901H - Ethics
Year 2 CPS1101H - Clinical Research Design
CPS1102H - Statistical Techniques I
CPS1802H - Applied Interventions in Clinical Psychology
CPS1803H - Practicum in Psychological Interventions
Research Thesis
Summer Practicum

Note: actual course schedule may differ

The full-time PhD program is designed for applicants interested in a career as a clinical psychologist based on a Clinical Science model of training. Graduate training in Clinical Psychology at UTSC prepares graduates primarily for research careers as psychological clinical scientists in university and academic medical settings. The PhD program has research strengths in clinical neuropsychology and neurosciences, personality and psychological assessment, and mindfulness- and acceptance-based psychotherapies. It is distinguished by its innovative cross-disciplinary approach that emphasizes scientific innovation through novel research collaborations that push traditional boundaries in clinical psychology. Importantly, the program meets the needs of students who plan to engage in research, teaching, and/or evidence-based clinical practice. This program is intended to meet the registration requirements of the College of Psychologists of Ontario at the doctoral level.

The Counselling and Clinical Psychology program (Clinical Psychology field) is offered on a full-time basis, and progress in the program will be reviewed annually.

Year 1 CPS1103H - Statistical Techniques II
CPS1201H - Neurobiological Bases of Behaviour
CPS1401H - Social and Interpersonal Bases of Behaviour
Clinical Placement I
Thesis Committee & Proposal
Year 2 CPS1301H - Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behaviour
CPS2901H - Practicum in Clinical Supervision
Clinical Placement II
Comprehensive Exam
Year 3 CPS3901H - The History and Practice of Clinical Psychology
CPS2902H - Quality Assurance & Consultation
Optional Clinical Placement I
Year 4/5 Optional Clinical Placement II
Full-time Paid Internship
Completed Thesis and Final Oral Examination

Note: actual course schedule may differ