Clinical Psychology at UTSC has primary research strengths in the areas of clinical neuropsychology and neurosciences, personality and psychological assessment, and minfulness- and acceptance-based psychotherapies. Faculty contribute required courses in personality and abnormal psychology for the undergraduate program in mental health studies at UTSC, as well as required graduate courses in the core content areas outlined by the Canadian Psychological Association.

A unifying theme of faculty research in Clinical Psychology at UTSC is to advance the assessment and treatment of mental disorders, especially depressive and bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, borderline personality disorder, and neurocognitive disorders, such as traumatic brain injury and dementia due to Alzheimer's disease. Faculty boast world-class expertise in brain imaging, web-based delivery of assessment and intervention, and intensive methods of naturalistic assessment.

The Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science was established in 2013 and houses the Clinical Psychology field (or program) of the MA/PhD in Counselling and Clinical Psychology. Learn more here.

Core Faculty: