Clinical Practicum Forms

Documentation is required for all students engaged in clinical training. Timely and accurate completion of the following practicum-related forms for each undertaken practicum is a program requirement; the responsibility rests on the student to ensure deadlines are met.

Form Deadline Responsibility for Document Submission
WSIB Student Declaration Start Date (1 Form/Degree) Student
WSIB Employer Declaration 1 month from Start Date Student
Clinical Placement Learning Contract End of the second week of September (except for the summer practicum and other off-cycle placements*) Student
Clinical Placement Student Evaluation (x2) Placement Mid-Point AND Placement End Date, as specified in the Learning Contract Clinical Supervisor(s)
Clinical Placement Clinical Hours Summary 2 wks after End Date Student
Clinical Placement Feedback (internal use only) 2 wks after End Date Student

*For the MA summer practicum and any other clinical practica not starting in the month of September the deadline for the Clinical Placement Learning Contract will be 2 weeks from the placement start date.

Note for Mac Users

Default settings on a MAC generally open Adobe Acrobat PDF files in “Preview” mode, which does not display or print the encrypted personalized data on your forms properly. You can

  • Open the PDF document using the “Open With” option and select “Acrobat Reader”.
  • Save the document using the “Save File” option and open the file directly from the Adobe Acrobat Reader program

Signatures and Other Reminders

  • All documentation submitted by the student must be received in the form of an original hard copy on, or before, the document deadline
  • Hard copy forms may be dropped off in-person to the Graduate Office or via envelope in mailroom; do not leave forms with other Psychology staff
  • Except where noted on the form, the student is responsible for obtaining all required signatures
  • Digital, wet, and e-signatures are all considered acceptable
  • Forms should always be downloaded from the website to ensure the correct form version is being used; older versions will not be accepted

Questions about the documentation and/or deadline compliance may be directed to the Practicum Coordinator.