Courses and Timetable

2018-19 Timetables

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Directed Reading Courses (CPS5001H & CPS5002H)

Students interested in completing a directed reading project as an elective or in lieu of a course exemption must complete the Directed Reading Course Proposal Form and SGS Request for Reading and/or Research Course Form, and submit these forms to the Graduate Assistant according to the deadlines below. The Graduate Assistant will review the proposals for completeness and forward to the Program Coordinator for consideration. The Graduate Assistant will inform the student and the supervisor/instructor via email of the Program Coordinator’s decision no later than 2 weeks from the time of submission. If approved, the Graduate Assistant will register the student in the course on ACORN. In the case a request is denied and the reasoning is unclear (as per the comments on the returned form), the student or supervisor/instructor may contact the Program Coordinator directly for more information.

Desired Project Start Proposal Form Deadline
Fall 2018 Sept 7, 2018
Winter 2019 Dec 1, 2018
Summer 2019 April 1, 2019

Send a soft copy of the Directed Reading Course Proposal Form and SGS Request for Reading and/or Research Course Form to or hard copy to SW427G.



The following is a list of courses offered through the Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science. Not all courses are offered every year.

CPS 1101H Clinical Research Design

CPS 1102H Statistical Techniques I

CPS 1103H Statistical Techniques II

CPS 1201H Neurobiological Bases of Behaviour

CPS 1301H Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behaviour

CPS 1401H Social and Interpersonal Bases of Behaviour

CPS 1501H Personality

CPS 1601H Psychopathology

CPS 1701H Psychological Assessment I

CPS1702H Psychological Assessment II

CPS 1801H Psychotherapy

CPS1802H Applied Interventions in Clinical Psychology

CPS1803H Practicum in Psychological Interventions

CPS 1809H Clinical Psychopharmacology

CPS 1901H Ethics

CPS 2999H Summer Practicum

CPS 3801H Multi-Person Therapies

CPS 3901H The History and Practice of Clinical Psychology

CPS 3999H Clinical Placement I

CPS 4999H Clinical Placement II

CPS 5001H Directed Reading Course

CPS 5002H Directed Reading Course

CPS 5999Y Internship

CPS 6999H Clinical Placement III

CPS 7999H Clinical Placement IV